Currently, we have services every Saturday, with the exception of any fifth Saturday of the month, at West Chowan Baptist Association, located at 335 NC Hwy 42 in Ahoskie, North Carolina.  We do not have services on 5th Saturdays.  
Our service start at 10 AM and they usually last until approximately 1:30 PM.  They consist of a time of traditional Jewish liturgy that recognizes Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah followed by a time of Messianic praise and worship.  After our praise and worship, we read from the Torah, Haftarah (Prophets), and the Brit Chadasha (New Testament).  This is followed by a d'rash (sermon) that is based on the weekly Parasha (Torah portion).
While at our services, you will see men wearing kippot (yarmulkes) and both men and women wearing prayer shawls (tallit).  Women who participate in the Torah service usually cover their heads with either a scarf or their tallis (prayer shawl).  Our liturgy is read or chanted first in Hebrew and then is followed by the English translation.  Though we have siddurim (prayer books) from which we read our liturgy, we also have all liturgy (both the Hebrew and the English) on Powerpoint for your convenience.  

L-R:  Andrea Liverman and Hope Leary at our Ahoskie location for Yom Shabbat Services redress the Torah scroll.

Roger Liverman, Jr. serves on this particular Shabbat as the hagbah.


Special Services

As we go through the Jewish year, Beth Emet will have special services for certain Holy Days.  As we draw close to the holidays of Pesach (Passover), Shavuot, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot, check our website or our Facebook page for times of celebrations and services.