In Memory . . .

Merry Scott

From Brooklyn, NY, Merry Scott was a loving, lively soul.  Hailing from a German Jewish and Irish background, Merry held steadfast to the Shema, "The L-RD our G-d is one."


That is, until she realized that Yeshua was part of the "echad-ness" of G-d.


After many years of pleading with G-d for her salvation, her husband Randy (pictured below with Rabbi at her mikveh of belief in Yeshua) finally got to hear that his Merry, who was suffering from stage 4 ovarian cancer at the time, would be with him in the blessed world to come.  Merry went home shortly before the High Holy Days of 2015, but she isn't and will never be forgotten.  She lives on in the hearts of those of us who love her.  In the fall of 2015, her Beth Emet Family planted a tree in Eretz Israel in her memory.  We love and miss you, Merry!